John Covill
Parochial Church Charities Rep

Sunny Wood Farm
Whiteway Drove
Swaffham Prior
CB25 0LQ

01638 743157

David Greenfield

County Councillor
Joshua Schumann
07841 524007

District Councillor
Allen Alderson
01638 741744

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Planning Applications

Paul Catling
Responsible Financial Officer
Community Land Trust Rep

10 Adams Road
Swaffham Prior
CB25 0JU

Leave a message on
07040 908743

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Deputy Clerk
Steve Kent-Phillips
01638 743883

Next Meeting: 14 February 2019 at 7.30 pm
in the Village Hall Meeting Room


Andrew Camps
Church Rep
School Foundation Trust Rep

David Greenfield
Local Plan Rep

Sandra Gynn
School Governers Rep

Peter Hart
Footpaths Warden

Steve Kent-Phillips
Sports & Recreation Rep

Paul Latchford
Lamp Posts Warden

Michael Malster
Allotments Warden

Alan Durrant
Village Hall Rep

PC Elections: Thu 2 May 2019