John Covill
Parochial Church Charities Rep
01638 743157

David Greenfield

County Councillor
Joshua Schumann
07841 524007

District Councillor
Elections: 2 May

Deputy Clerks
Steve Kent-Phillips
01638 743883

Paul Catling
07776 304871

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Village Events

Planning Applications

Jude Griffiths
Responsible Financial Officer

Correspondance Address:
12 Tothill Road
Swaffham Prior
CB25 0JX

Leave a message on
01638 745106


AGM: 9 May 2019 at 7.15 pm
Next Meeting: 9 May 2019 at 7.30 pm
both in the Village Hall Meeting Room

April Agenda ~ March Previous Minutes

Allotment Available: Contact the Clerk


Andrew Camps
Church & Cemetery Rep
School Foundation Trust Rep

David Greenfield
Local Plan Warden
Community Land Trust Rep

Sandra Gynn
School Governers Rep

Peter Hart
Footpaths Warden

Steve Kent-Phillips
Sports & Recreation Rep

Paul Latchford
Lamp Posts Warden
Allotments Warden

Alan Durrant
Village Hall Rep

Vacancy for Parish Councillor:
Contact the Clerk